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Primary School Staničná 13 in Košice was founded on 1 September 1963. The name of the school changed from Primary School Revolučná 1 to Primary School Staničná 13 in 1989.

Since 1973 foreign language teaching has been the primary focus of the school. In the first years, English and Russian were very popular and taught from Year 3. French and German were included in the school curriculum some time later.

The school has had a Science lab for teaching Physics and Chemistry, a special classroom for teaching Technology and qualified teachers from the very beginning.

There is also an organisation After School Club that forms a part of our school. In the past it was known as „školská družina“. Here, the children are looked after by qualified educators in the afternoon.

Throughout its 50 years, the school has educated thousands of students many of whom were later very successful in their secondary school studies or at university (within Slovakia and also abroad) and have been successful in their jobs.Many former students have become famous in the commercial, sporting and media field. Many former students now have their own children as pupils in the school.


More freedom in management and making decisions is the most significant change our school has undergone in comparison with the past. However, there is also more responsibility for solving new problems be these legal, pedagogical, economic or social ones. The school leaders are convinced that successful management is a result of effective, meaningful and sophisticated school life organisation, as well as quality education. A Thank You Letter from the Ministry of Education as an award for the head of our school (PaedDr. Eva Pillárová) in 2008 is proof of the school’s success.

The school tries to offer the public something new and unusual in order to make prospective parents aware of the school’s quality education. Our school gets involved in lots of projects such as Comenius, Veda v akcii, Kalendárium, Enviro, eTwinning, Notebook pre každého žiaka, Zdravie pre všetkých, Otvorená škola, Po stopách Mendelejeva, Detský čin roka. The Project of transforming a traditional school into a modern school lasted from 2008-2011. Thanks to the hard work done during these years, the school is able to integrate innovative teaching methods into education.

Our students are successful in district, regional and national rounds of various school competitions. In the school year 2009-2010, one of our students, Ľubomíra Brůnová, won second place in the national round of French Language Competition. In the following school year 2010-2011, Viktória Veľková won second place in the national round of Reciting Competition „Šaliansky Maťko“. Erik Jasaň took part in the national round of Reciting Competition „Hviezdoslavov Kubín“. In that school year the school was successful in the national round of French Language Competition again. One of our students Radoslav Čuha won first place. Oliver Hasaj and Viktória Veľková were successful in Reciting Competitions in 2011-2012. Viktória won first place in a regional round of „Šaliansky Maťko“ and „Hviezdoslavov Kubín“, Oliver Hasaj won first place in a regional round of „Hviezdoslavov Kubín“ and second place in a regional round of „Šaliansky Maťko“. The school year 2012-2013 was successful for Oliver Hasaj again. He won the national round of Reciting Competition „Šaliansky Maťko“ and received an award from the president Ivan Gašparovič.

One would imagine that all of this success would make thel teaching staff satisfied: this is not the case. Positive assessment of our work by the public is a commitment. For us, the teaching staff, satisfaction comes from giving more : more to those who matter most – our students.

Foreign language education is a very important matter in our school. Therefore a language school, as part of our school, opened in 2011. It offers language courses not alone for our students, but also for their parents and teachers. The school has a language lab equipped with modern facilities for their use. Good foreign language skills enable our students to visit foreign countries and get the opportunity to practise the language in everyday communication. Our students have visited English and French speaking countries. Many of them have visited Paris, the beautiful and romantic capital city of France. The students who participated in Socrates or Comenius partnerships in the past visited their partner schools from European countries. Our students can also practise their language skills in a language camp that takes part in the Hungarian town of Velence.

Language learning is not the only priority of our school. The school management supports all innovative and creative methods of working with pupils, not only in education, but it also creates a wide range of opportunities for the development of all the students‘ various interests and activities. Leisure time centre has been part of our school since September 2008. This gives our students a chance to develop their skills and knowledge as well as a healthy lifestyle in a lot of after school activities. Sport activities are supported by the school as well. The school management has always been enthusiastic about sport. Our students take part in collective and individual sports. Basketball, football and handball coaches offer our students professional guidance. We opened a multifunctional playground that is used at P.E. classes and for after school sport activities.

As well as cooperating with the parents of our students, we also value their opinions. Proof of this is where the school provides free access to buildings not normally open to the public during Doors Open Days. Parents have a chance to visit the school premises and experience a school day personally, at least twice a year. The classrooms, a Language and Science lab, school gym, after school activities classes, school canteen etc. are all open to the public. The headmistress receives the visitors in her office which is open to them not only on those days, but anytime during a school year. Here is where parents can get answers to all their questions.

The parents are not the only ones to participate in running the school. The work of the student parliament is appreciated not only by the school management, but is also valued by the mayor of Košice who voted them the best school parliament of 2006-2007 among all Košice schools.There are lots of other interesting activities organised for our students and their parents every year. Christmas and Mother’s day performances, discussions with writers at our school, theatre performances or field trips are just some examples. All the activities can be seen on our school website www.zsstanicnake.sk or in a school magazine „Staničiarik“ which has been awarded third place in school magazines competitions. There are also class magazines „Očko“ and „Takže“ where a lot of interesting school activities are presented. „Cool School“ magazine promotes the school activities in English.

Our school life is rich and lively. The wide range of various activities provided by the school is attractive to a large number of children and their parents . The school is delighted that many parents opt for our school as the educational establishment they wish their children to attend. The number of enrolled children increases every year. That is our greatest accomplishment. The satisfaction of the parents, the visits of former students to the school added to the overall interest in our school are huge motivating factors in our everyday work.

Our promise is to continue to do all in our power to fulfil our present as well as our future goals and to make Primary School Staničná 13 one of the best educational establishments for our students and their parents not alone in Košice but throughout all of Slovakia.